Seoul Korea Travel Guide – 12 days

We actually plan to go Seoul Korea since the end of 2014 but my parents don’t allow especially it’s our first-time travel without them and there is a communication barrier. But in the end, they approved!
In fact, communication is not a problem in Seoul as most of the workers are able to speak Mandarin and English.

Our trip to Seoul is during Summer, 1st July – 12th July. Some of my friends ask me why did I pick summer?
Because it’s the only time my siblings and I can make it. If I have a choice, I would like to go during April-June which the temperature is much lower.

Summer Weather

From my research, the period between the end of June and mid-July is rainy season in Seoul Korea. In fact, the first 3 days were rainy days but the other 9 days were sunny days. The temperature is not as hot as in Malaysia. Besides, we were at outdoor most of the time and the temperature is bearable.

Flight Ticket (July 2016) + Luggage

We bought our flight tickets about 8 months earlier as AirAsia had a great offer that time. AirAsia Return Flight Ticket including insurance is RM862!
If you already have insurance, you can choose not to have it which the insurance cost RM80.

We purchased luggage a few months later, Depart – 25kg ; Return – 60kg. We brought 3 large luggage and 1 hand carry which 2 of the large luggage are empty. 25kg is just nice to fit 2 empty and 1 full large luggage.

In Korea, we did help our friends to shop that’s why we need 60kg of return flight luggage.
Remember we brought 2 empty luggage?
One of the luggage is full of junk food which weight about 12kg and another luggage is full cosmetic, clothes and 8 pairs of shoes!

Total cost for luggage is RM410, each person is RM137


We stayed at 24 Guesthouse Seoul Station Premier for 11 nights (Triple With Private Bathroom).  The guesthouse is equipped with all the basic amenities, such as WiFi, air-conditioner, shampoo, hair dryer, and more! There’s even a small garden and breakfast is provided!

The location of the guesthouse is very convenience, it took 55 mins to get to Seoul Station from Incheon Airport and the guesthouse is just 5 minutes walking distance from exit 11. The reason we choose to stay near Seoul Station as it is the center of most railway stations and all the places we planned to go. It will be less tiring to travel around. Besides, Lotte Mart is at Exit 1 of Seoul Station which is quite near to the guesthouse.

The rate? It is only RM878 for 11 nights.

Based on 289 Comment, their review is 8.9 stars.

Roof top:  Kitchen and small garden

Pocket WiFi/WiFi Router

Exchange rate in June 2016 is 1MYR= 0.0035KRW

To get connect in Korea, you can get either Pocket WiFi or SIM card but I would suggest to rent Pocket WiFi. Most of the company only accept credit card to pay for deposit (200,000W ≈ RM700) but only this company WIDE MOBILE accept cash as deposit.

Pocket WiFi 12 days LTE total is 40,000W, Each person only RM47.

You can find the office at 1st floor of Incheon Airport.

Image Credit: koreafreeandeasy

Transport + Entrance Fee + Food

T-Money in Korea is like Touch n Go in Malaysia. You can purchase T-Money in a convenience store or use vending machines. Transportation we spent around RM270 but the cost depends on your trip. Most of the time we took trains to travel around Seoul Korea, it is the most convenience transportation.

We only went to a few places that require entrance fee which are Everland, Gyeongbokgung Palace, and 龍馬公園(용마랜드) which the total is around RM165.

We don’t spend much on food which is around RM640 each person. We went to a few restaurants that online highly recommended but I think it’s overpriced and too troublesome to look for the restaurant when you got hungry. Moreover, you can find street food everywhere in Korea, so no worries about getting hungry halfway of your trip.


Flight Ticket + Luggage – RM999
Accommodation – RM878
Pocket WiFi – RM47
Transport + Entrance Fee + Food – RM1075

Total is RM2999!


How much to bring? For me and my sister, we spent around RM3k on skin products, cosmetics, clothes, and shoes. (I excluded my brother as there’s nothing much for him to buy except food) and less on food. It’s depending on your shopping habit.
If you target on local food and lightweight shopping, around RM1.5k should be enough.

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Day 1 – Myeong-dong

Day 2 – Ewha University, Hongdae

Day 3 – Nami Island & Petite France

Day 4 -Gyeongbokgung Palace, Bukchon Hanok Village, Samcheong-dong, Lotte Mart

Day 5 – Dongdaemun, Myeong-dong

Day 6 – Paju, Hongik

Day 7 –  Everland, Jongnu-gu

Day 8 – 龙马乐园(용마랜드), Kyung Hee University

Day 9 – Seoul Grand Park, Yeouido Hangang Park (Night Market)

Day 10 – Insandong, N Seoul Tower

Day 11 – Myeong-dong, Lotte Mart

Day 12 – Incheon Airport