Camisa Trend is a corporate uniform supplier & Tshirt printing company in Malaysia. They offer a wide array of products which includes t-shirts, uniforms, polo shirt, gift and etc. As they have a large number of products available for customization, is built to ease the customers by having online ordering and designing shirts online. Only three simple steps, the customers can get their quotation and place the order online.

The customer can easily design products by using the Designer Tool on the website. It is a simple tool which allows customers to design with unlimited creativity. The Designer Tool is the solution built for Print Industry and it allows design any type of products and printing method. Besides, the Designer Tool can be easy to use on all devices and it’s mobile friendly. The system can be set either giving an instant quotation to the customer or request quotation from the seller.

Respond customer faster = Lead

WhatsApp is one of the best messaging tool to interact with customers. With the integration of WhatsApp on the website, admin is able to respond faster and leave a better impression for the potential customer. Increase your sales by having any messaging tool on your website!

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Designer Tool: Watch the video below